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Over 70 Years

About Holiday Kitchens

Over seventy years ago, Mastercraft Industries, Inc. – home of Holiday Kitchens – was little more than three brothers starting a millwork business as a result of the post-war boom.  Today, Holiday Kitchens is one of the largest custom cabinet manufacturers in the USA with 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space and nearly 200 employees.  Our phenomenal growth hasn't altered our core mission, values or vision:

  • Providing exceptional custom cabinet craftsmanship
  • Offering diverse cabinetry designs that suit the way people live in their kitchens
  • Presenting customers with quality, durability and value in their elegant custom cabinetry
  • Keeping customer service as the priority of every crafted design, process, and finish
  • Respecting our employees and their goals, and recognizing their achievements
  • Working to preserve our community and the environment

Mission Statement:  We will provide our Dealers on time products of high quality, style and function, through the professionalism, expertise and efforts of each and every employee.  Holiday Kitchens - Quality designed for Quality living.

A History as fine as our handcrafted cabinetry 

Since the founding, Holiday Kitchens has invested in its future and the quality of its product.  With better equipment, satisfied employees, and modern manufacturing principles an exceptional product is enjoyed in thousands of homes every day.

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  • In 1946, Mastercraft Industries, Inc. home of Holiday Kitchens was established in Rice Lake, Wisconsin by three brothers, Harold, Herb and Miles Johnston.  The business produced millwork and interior shutters to meet the post-war building boom, then expanded to custom kitchen cabinetry.
  • December 22, 2000 Holiday Kitchens ownership was transferred to a group of three seasoned manufacturing professionals, who grew the company with innovative ideas, advanced technology, and a continued focus on quality
  • August 2012, Holiday Kitchens is now owned by a single private owner.  There has been a renewed commitment to innovation and manufacturing efficiency. New developments in technology are being leveraged in manufacturing and product presentation. Growth is controlled and consistent.  Major focus on employee initiatives and appreciation for the community we all live and work in.

Today’s kitchen designed around your life

Just one short century ago, the kitchen was the literal hearth of the home - used for chores such as soap- and candle-making, spinning, medicinal preparations, and caring for the ill.  Today, kitchens still nurture families, but in an entirely different manner.  At Holiday Kitchens, we nurture individual lifestyles with form and function, elegance and grace, durability and value.  We help you create an environment in step with who you are and how you live. 

Every day is your day in a Holiday Kitchen.  Holiday Is one of the largest fully custom, integrated cabinet manufacturers in the USA offering framed and frameless design collections in several price points. Custom cabinets are available in various wood species to also include countless exotic veneer options, with over 100 door styles, and endless finish options.  Holiday individually manufactures the cabinetry to meet you and your designer’s specifications after the order is received.  We provide superior value and exceptional style delivering finely crafted kitchen cabinetry throughout the nation.  Holiday continues to honor old world craftsmanship in combination with innovation and state-of-the-art equipment and process controls.  

As the central hub of the home, a kitchen’s functionality, safety and beauty will continue to dominate industry trends.  Holiday Kitchens has already implemented policies, processes and designs that meet present needs with an eye to the future. We build more than just kitchens – custom baths, custom entertainment centers, custom bars, and more.  Find out today how Holiday can become part of your life – contact us today!