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Truly you & Truly Custom
May 01, 2015

​No other room says more about who you are and how you live than your kitchen.  So why not design a kitchen around just that?  Your life.  Your style.  At Holiday Kitchens, we give you as many handcrafted kitchen cabinet choices as you have reasons.  While no two customized kitchens we put together are exactly alike, they are all superior, durable, functional and beautiful.

So express yourself with textures, grains, colors, finishes, doors and cabinets.  Design a custom kitchen layout that matches its forms to your functions — making your days and nights easier.  Create colors that bring your kitchen to life with our Custom Color Lab.  Bring your character to the fore with personal style elements that showcase who you are.

Yes, you are where you eat.  Define yourself, design your space. Find a Holiday Dealer today. 


Holiday May Door of the Month - Seaside
May 01, 2015

​The May door of the month combines Holidays’ newest door style, Seaside, with the new 125 edge, in Granite, a new deep grey, on Cherry.


One Step at a Time.
August 01, 2014

Our advice — take the time to think through your design. Your kitchen has to be equal parts function and beauty because, after all, your kitchen will be lived in. Start with our checklist, then begin gathering ‘what you like’, then utilize the expertise of a Holiday Kitchens’ dealer to pull it all together. 

One Step at a Time — Until you visit your Holiday Dealer — Take a peek at some of our Dealers amazing design work in the Coffee Table Book.


Patriotic Cabinetry
July 04, 2014

Holiday Kitchens Cabinetry—Made with Pride in the U.S.A.