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November 05, 2014

What is Your Bathroom Personality?

For most people, their bathroom is the first place they visit in the morning, and the last place each night. Yet it is one of the last places in the home that you think of showcasing your personality and style.

The bathroom vanity is often a centerpiece and is one of the single most important decorative and functional features in any bathroom.  It is the single most important piece of furniture that with set the stage for your style.

If you’re a romantic who yearns for a cozy spa-like retreat than a rustic or traditional style bathroom could be the perfect choice for you. 
This style often evokes dignity, grace, and warmth. Dark wood, such as mahogany,  and painted white vanities with intricate design details are often found in these bathrooms.

Photo Credit: HOMETECH Renovations

If minimalist living and sleek designs are more your style then a contemporary bathroom is probably for you. 

Less is more when it comes to modern bathrooms so make sure there are plenty of clean lines and use bright colors like white and silver.

Photo Credit: The Cabinetry

If converting your bathroom into an environmentalist’s dream is your goal than an eco-friendly bathroom that incorporates earth tones  and materials in their natural state. Is for you.  When it comes to eco-friendly bath vanities make sure you look for a cabinet manufacturer whose wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Holiday Kitchens is very proud to be a member of this council, click here to learn more about our participation.

Photo Credit: The Cabinet Studio, Moso Bamboo Door in Natural

Eclectic bathrooms entail mixing design styles to create a one-of-a-kind look. The commonly accepted definition of eclectic in interior design is a mix of several styles that make up one individualized look. This style allows you to combine various elements in a bathroom – perfect for couples that have a hard time agreeing on one style!

Photo Credit: Naples Kitchen & Bath, Inc FL

Don’t know you’re your bathroom personality is?  Take this quiz by Better Homes and Gardens

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