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One Step at a Time.
February 01, 2020

Our advice — take the time to think through your design. Your kitchen has to be equal parts function and beauty because, after all, your kitchen will be lived in. Start with our checklist, then begin gathering ‘what you like’, then utilize the expertise of a Holiday Kitchens’ dealer to pull it all together.  One Step at a Time — Until you visit your Holiday Dealer — Take a peek at some of our Dealers amazing design work.

Bathroom Personality
November 05, 2014

​For most people, their bathroom is the first place they visit in the morning, and the last place each night. Yet it is one of the last places in the home that you think of showcasing your personality and style. The bathroom vanity is often a centerpiece and is one of the single most important decorative and functional features in any bathroom.  It is the single most important piece of furniture that with set the stage for your style.

Bathrooms Top Remodel Projects
September 10, 2012

​According to a recent survey released by the National Association of Home Builders, since 2001, bathroom and kitchen remodels have remained the two most common types of projects.  With 78 percent of survey respondents cited bathroom remodeling as one of the most common jobs. The top two reasons for remodeling are the need to repair or replace old or outdated components and the desire for better and newer amenities. More than 50 percent of remodelers said that these two reasons have become more common during the past two years.