Coconut Palm Cabinetry

Coconut Palm

​Coconut Palm is a fast growing tropical wood. Though it has many of the same characteristics as our standard wood offerings, there are many unique features to be aware of. Coconut Palm will naturally range in color from pale caramel tones to deep browns. Holiday Kitchens strives to ship your order with an overall pleasing variation of color throughout. Coconut Palm also has a deep, distinctive grain pattern which naturally separates as the wood ages. This separation of grain results in a unique surface texture and appearance. Coconut Palm is a fibrous wood, as can be seen in the distinctive end grain texture of the wood.  Additionally, as a tropical wood, Coconut Palm tends to bow more than temperate hardwoods. These characteristics are natural and inherent in coconut palm, and, as such, will not be reason for replacement. It is the unique combination of these characteristics that makes Coconut Palm such an exotic and beautiful wood. We highly recommend viewing multiple samples prior to making your final decision, so you are aware of the range of possibility.

Humidity control is especially important with Coconut Palm products. As a tropical wood, Coconut Palm is very sensitive to an overly dry environment, and excessive moisture can also be a concern.  Strict humidity and temperature control will minimize grain separation and bowing.