Winslow Paint Grade Door in Nordic; Island, Snowdrift with Harbor Brush Glaze; Exquisite Kitchen Design - NY; Photographer David Hershkowitz

Durable & Elegant


The Perfect Finishing Touch!

At Holiday we understand the importance of a quality finish that is perfect to the touch yet meets the demands of a rough and tumble kitchen and bath environment. Holiday's finish offers superior durability and eye-catching beauty. This level of quality is no accident! We have invested millions of dollars in equipment, materials and knowledge to achieve a Master Finish that stands out from our competition. Success is in the details!

Built to last. Built for life. Masterful finishing processes worthy of your kitchen.

  • Paint and Color Lab - View our standard paints - not the color you want?  Holiday can formulate to meet your needs. 
  • Glazes & Wash Options - Creating your true custom finish… 
  • Master Finish -  Looking for a finish that provides maximum resistance? 
  • Stains - Reveal the hidden beauty of the wood customize your cabinetry. 
  • Vintage Artistry - Create an aged, worn look that replicates the appearance of antique furnishings...
  • Touch-Up Kit Instruction - touch-up kit for paints, stains and glazes. This is intended for small repair areas only.

Our Employees Make the Difference

Holiday Kitchens has assembled a highly skilled team from across the country with years of experience in the finishing industry. Our team includes people with expertise in material formulation, application control technologies, and continuous improvement. The Holiday Kitchens finishing team operates its own laboratory for testing new formulations, application methods, and custom color matches. This laboratory replicates the laboratory of our finishing vendor and is a critical component of our continuous improvement mentality.

Quality Throughout

Holiday Kitchens purchases only wood that exceeds standard grading requirements and meets our rigorous color and moisture standards. This specially selected wood must be correctly handled and prepared. A plant-wide humidity control system assures that the proper moisture level of the wood is maintained throughout preparation and finishing, providing stability and uniform color. Holiday Kitchens has invested in state-of-the-art sanding systems to guarantee that all finished surfaces are brought to a uniform sheen, ideal for taking a quality finish.  A Master Finish can only be achieved by understanding the nature of wood and the best ways to prepare it.

Finish Application and Versatility

Holiday Kitchens utilizes many finishing systems and application techniques offering you unlimited flexibility to create depth and beauty, which is not the case with many competitors. Three unique application facilities support very specific application technologies, ensuring that we have the flexibility to surpass your expectations. We operate a hand application facility, a state-of-the-art flat-line facility, and a cart-line facility. This versatility allows us to select the right application technology to give you a beautiful finish no matter what look you desire.

Winslow Paint Grade Door in Nordic; Island, Snowdrift with Harbor Brush Glaze; Exquisite Kitchen Design - NY; Photographer David Hershkowitz