Custom Paint Grade Door in Snowdrift; Island: Custom Cherry Door in Woodridge; Equisite Kitchen Design - NY | Photographer: David Hershkowitz

Living Green

Green Cabinetry

​What does it mean to be green? For Holiday Kitchens, it’s not just what we say - it’s how we act. It’s a matter of envisioning the future in every present action. Live Green.


Our fine green kitchen cabinetry products
Actions do speak louder than words. At Holiday Kitchens, green isn’t just a color, it’s a culture.

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Avoid volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Contribute to a safe and healthy indoor environment
  • Are more durable, thus having a low impact on the environment
  • Are produced with minimal waste stream and pollution
  • Are created within a low-energy environment

Choose green

Green living is about making the right choice for your family and the planet.Every Holiday kitchen is a kitchen built around choice - what suits the way you live. Our green kitchens are no different. You pick how green you want to be, we provide you with all the custom kitchen cabinetry options.

  • Live Green
    • select your level of green products, box, door styles, finish
    • select full access, frameless, construction for 10% more inside usable space, easier to clean, simple elegance
    • elegant, durable, safe, low in VOC emissions product line with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) options available
  • Standard Plywood Cabinet Box
    • meets the environmentally friendly KCMA HPVA.3 standards
    • CARB 1 compliant
    • natural maple veneer interior
  • Standard Melamine Cabinet Box
    • manufactured from recycled materials.
    • CARB 1 compliant
    • true melamine interior, not paper or vinyl
  • Live Green Melamine Cabinet Box or Live Green Plywood Cabinet Box
    • non-added urea formaldehyde industrial board from recycled materials or plywood
    • CARB 2 compliant
    • true melamine interior, not paper or vinyl, or natural maple veneer interior on plywood
  • Cabinet glue
    • all adhesives are formaldehyde free
  • Moso Bamboo
    • renewable resource - a grass that is harvested and replenishes itself in three to five years.
    • found in low mountain areas of eastern China, thus not depriving pandas of their food source
    • fine, even grain
    • less susceptible to mold and fungus
    • qualifies for green building points as a renewable resource
  • Coconut Palm
    • comes from plantation grown coconut palms, which are in abundance throughout much of the world.  Heavy cracking is a natural characteristic.  
    • coconut palms produce nuts for up to 80 years.
    • non-producing palms are removed and replaced.
    • coconut palm lumber can vary greatly in color and density. We use only the hard, dark palm for our look and durable surface.
  • Refacing
    • keep your cabinets and reface the fronts to contemporize your kitchen
    • reface in natural bamboo or reconstituted veneers for a greener option
  • Natural Finish
    • wood at its finest

Do Green

We lead by green example. Green isn’t simply part of how we manufacture custom kitchen cabinets, it colors our community, facilities, business practices and those we do business with. Holiday Kitchen Live Green means we:

  • Join the environmental effort as members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle office materials, working toward a paperless environment, and maintain energy efficient principles
  • Keep it clean by utilizing a distiller to reclaim cleaning solvents
  • Reduce material usage with Most Available Controlled Technology (MACT) finish and adhesive application technology
  • Increase our energy efficiency with a gas-fired oven curing system
  • Improve wood utilization with an automating optimizing cut line
  • Reduce our non-wood waste stream 
  • Increase board yield with CNC nesting technology 
  • Reduce finishing material usage 
  • Implement lean manufacturing technology and processes 
  • Utilize 100 percent of all raw wood – downfall wood is used for cutting boards, finger joints, animal bedding and landscaping materials
  • Ask the same of our suppliers, with reviews by our Green Council to ensure they are committed to sustainable forestry practices

Green kitchen. Green life. Holiday Kitchens — customized green cabinetry for the green way you live.

 KCMA Certification