Wiltshire Square Paint Grade Door in Nordic; Dealer: 1st Choice Builders, LLC - MN | Photographer: Melissa Davidson

Caring for Cutting Boards

Bread/Chopping Boards

Your product is manufactured to strict quality control standards and is proudly made in the United States of America.  Wood is a renewable resource and every effort is made by our staff to utilize all materials with the utmost efficiency.  Your product is manufactured using Northern-grown hardwoods.  Natural colors and grain patterns make each item produced unique with a warm and rich appearance desirable for any home décor. 

A study shows wood cutting boards, not plastic, are safer for food preparation.  Research completed at the University of Wisconsin College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Research Division located in Madison, Wisconsin demonstrated that bacteria die much more quickly on wood than on plastic boards. 


It is highly important that your boards are properly cared for. Boards should be kept clean at all times due to the incidental contact that occurs with food items.  The board should be wiped down after each use with a damp cloth.  If possible, you should avoid the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning any wood product.  DO NOT immerse the cutting board in water from a sink or dishwasher to clean.  After cleaning, it is recommended that the board is dried with a paper towel or dry cloth.  If the board is left with surface moisture, this may provide a media for bacteria growth and also may cause the wood to swell, splinter and/or split.


Wood Conditioner will aid in the care of your cutting board.  “Food Grade” mineral oil is approved by the FDA and will help to preserve your new cutting board.  Apply a light coat of oil by wiping all open areas with a clean cloth or paper towel.  Repeat 2-3 times to build a seal.  Repeat after every washing.  All untreated wood products have the ability to absorb liquids which may cause the product to swell, crack, or split.  Saturating the cutting board surface with oil and allowing it to soak in will help to prevent this from occurring, resulting in less user problems.  Boards that are not properly cared for are not covered by warranty.


Wiltshire Square Paint Grade Door in Nordic; Dealer: 1st Choice Builders, LLC - MN | Photographer: Melissa Davidson