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Caring for your Cabinetry

Wood & Laminate Care

Wood Cabinet Care

  • Use a mild soap, not harsh abrasive cleaners after installation and thereafter twice a year, We recommend Murphy’s Wood Cleaner and a damp, soft cloth. Caution: do not soak cabinetry. Only use damp cloths because prolonged water exposure can damage cabinetry.
  • Always dry cabinets after cleaning with a soft cloth to eliminate moisture.
  • Polish with a top quality liquid paste wax. DO NOT use a wax that contains cleaners and/or silicone, as these products have a harmful, deteriorating effect on any finish. 
  • Remove moisture that collects near the sink, oven, range or dishwasher.
  • Control humidification of your home is an asset to your furniture as well as to your cabinetry.  There needs to be a good balance between dry and moist conditions.  A stable humidity content of 35% to 50% in the cabinet area must be maintained to have this product guaranteed.

    Laminate Cabinet Care

    • After installation wipe laminate areas with a damp, soft cloth. It may be necessary to use a mild liquid detergent or a non-abrasive household cleaner. Rinse with water and a clean non-abrasive damp cotton cloth.
    • Smears or streaks may be removed using a mild glass cleaner and a clean non-abrasive cotton cloth.
    • Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, acids or alkene cleaners because they can damage, mar or permanently discolor laminatesWhen in doubt about a cleaning product or detergent, please check with its manufacturer.
    • Remove contact adhesive using a clean, non-abrasive cotton cloth and an adhesive solvent such as a lacquer thinner. Read and follow all warnings and instructions on the container label.
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