Springdale Cherry Door in Woodridge with Onyx Glaze; Island: Springdale Maple Door in Eboyn with Worn Look and Distressing | Brinkman Russell Inc. - MN | Photographer: Jeff Russell

Holiday Education

Product Awareness

​Education on the inherent properties of wood and the critical features of Holiday Kitchens cabinetry is recommended; knowing what to expect with your new kitchen will help prevent misunderstandings and greatly reduces the amount of post-installation issues. 

Holiday has provided Product Awareness through Product Expectations which the dealer can use to discuss applicable topics with prospective customers.  As a precaution we recommend you document which critical topics were shared with the customer on the Product Expectations document having the customer initial and sign. 

Product Expectations

Spray/No-Wipe Stain

Spray/No-Wipe stains are applied without hand wiping; therefore has a tendency to appear lighter along the inside of any sharp profiles.  Dealers need to fully understand the unique properties of this application method so they can educate their customers to the appearance of Spray/No-Wipe stains on flat panel doors with square frames or 90º inside profiles.  Holiday Kitchens requires its dealers to review this information and to indicate their understanding of Spray/No-Wipe stains.

Humidity & Wood Moisture Content

Everyone knows wood comes from trees and that it can behave differently than we wish.  In a tree, wood serves many functions; it provides a strong, durable, and resilient structure to support the tree’s growth, thus what makes wood desirable for the construction of homes, furniture, and fine cabinetry. Wood also serves to conduct water throughout the tree, and it is this function that can cause a lot of distress if not fully understood.  By its nature, wood is hygroscopic – it loves water and will absorb as much as it can.  The amount of water wood holds balances with the amount of water available in the surrounding environment.  To keep this balance, wood continuously exchanges moisture with the air around it.  Wood continues to balance its water content with its environment, even decades after it was harvested and shaped into its final form.  Read more.  

Wood Movement & Warping

In most homes it is impossible to maintain a completely stable temperature and humidity.  In general, temperatures and humidity levels cycle throughout the year in response to changes in the natural environment.  Even heating and air conditioning systems do not completely counter this natural cycle.  The best that can be done is to tighten the range of fluctuation. Holiday Kitchens recommends temperature and humidity ranges for its products, and when those levels are maintained, damage from major movement in the wood can be avoided; however, because there is always some fluctuation in temperature and humidity, there will always be some fluctuation in the cabinetry.  Holiday has engineered its products to compensate for this inevitable movement with special construction methods, an excellent Master Finish, and careful selection of high quality raw materials.  Still, some signs of woods movement will be visible, and it is important that owners of wood cabinetry (and other wood products) understand that these signs are normal and to be expected. Read more.

Wood Grain & Characteristics

Wood is a product of nature.  Wood is not like man-made materials that can be manufactured to consistent specifications.  Its natural imperfections are part of its appeal and character.  Every piece of wood is slightly different in color, texture and grain from every other piece, even other pieces from the same tree.  How wood looks and feels is dictated by a number of factors, including climate, soil nutrients, growing season, wind and weather patterns, and age at harvest.  Nature’s appeal is its infinite, imperfect variety, and it is the uniqueness this creates that makes wood so valued. Read more. 

Springdale Cherry Door in Woodridge with Onyx Glaze; Island: Springdale Maple Door in Eboyn with Worn Look and Distressing | Brinkman Russell Inc. - MN | Photographer: Jeff Russell